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Our Approach

Start talking combat sports, boxing, MMA or Muay Thai and you get full attention. You have the people that can dissect a fight to a ‘T’, then you have the occasional viewer that can’t tell you the particulars, rules nor regulations, but it doesn’t matter when the action begins, it has your attention, whatever your level of expertise may be, the adrenaline starts pumping. Fans in the arena, on the couch will be quick to jump up and start flashing punches and the moves!

There are thousands upon thousands of fighters all across the nation and worldwide with an abundance of talent and skills with little options to gain exposure.


It used to be boxing was readily available, Tuesday and Friday night fights were a regular on TV. Boxing has always been part of weekend sports broadcast on regular off-air networks such as ABC’s Wide World of Sports.

Now that internet streaming has become ever so popular and available to view on your living room, kitchen or bedroom televisions in high quality, high definition, all that is needed is the source. IBtv, putting it all together, providing you with the source!

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and IBtv as new as it may be, has roots that drive deep and strong. IBtv is part of the InsideBoxing, Inc. family, it is the broadcast arm of the organization. Going back to the mid 1980’s.

Meet the Team

Aurelio Martinez

Founder & CEO


Matt Casias

Vice President


Rick Sandoval

Vice President

Next Steps…

If your business includes combat sports, you should contact us now to get involved. Promoters get your company known to the public. Managers get your athletes the exposure you both need! Athletes get your name out there and into the fans minds. Let the people who love this sport so much know you are out there!

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